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Exhibition: 20022022

FMT celebrated 20 years Anniversary on 1st of March. Therefore, we look back at some of the most memorable photos that have been taken since 2002. Photograph: Jindra Jandecka, Anders Flodin and Staffan Flodin.

Open Wide 2022

Two years after the first online program in 2020, this year is an especially celebration of music and the arts, a celebration necessary to overcome uncertain times. Time hasn’t stopped over the last two years, but our sense of regular rhythms seem to have been disrupted.

Elements 02/04/2022 in Prague

We are moved and excited to welcome you back to this year FMT festival - Elements, now scheduled to take place live! After a shutdown of cultural venues overall that lasted for two years due to the pandemic, we are hopeful that this festival will bring us together again, emphatically reminding us of all the things we were deprived a couple of years: the joy of human contact and the unique effect of Art – live Art – on our lives.

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”The Japanese way of communication is full of Ma (emptiness, silence); the sentences’ subjects are often omitted. Using clear words is not always necessary, if one can understand Ma (a silent pause) in the conversation. This is considered highly intelligent and sophisticated. Also, it is clearly seen that western standards of communication have an opposite approach, since the western communication is much more direct; especially, in America where nothing should be left for speculation and conversations avoid the ‘awkwardness’ of silence (dead air).” – Barry Wan

I can pursue my own projects and participate in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment and making connections between different forms of art.

- Anders Flodin